Lytham Hall Park Primary School

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23rd September 14



Welcome to Lytham Hall Park Primary School

Lytham Hall Park Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.






At Lytham Hall Park Primary School we endeavour to provide pupils with an education which enables them to achieve their full potential.  Targets of a challenging, yet realistic nature are set for each child. We also provide an atmosphere in which children feel secure and valued, with each child treated as an individual and encouraged to develop his or her own special talents. Good manners and behaviour are regarded as key elements in a balanced all round education which prepares children to take their place as responsible and contributive adults in an ever-changing society.

The programmes of study are in line with the National Curriculum . They provide varied and interesting learning opportunities where children may develop their own interests within the structured framework.

A highly committed and professional staff work  hard to ensure that the high standards for which Lytham Hall Park is widely recognised are maintained whilst at the same time delivering stimulating and engaging lessons which are relevant and in accordance with the children's abilities. During the 2013 OfSTED Inspection the school received an good grade in all areas. Among the many excellent comments made by the inspection team,they felt that"Good teaching and learning and excellent curriculum ensure that pupils of all ages, ......., make excellent progress."With the regard to the pupils they felt that "Pupils particularly appreciate the wonderful range of enriching activities", and "Children are already well aware that their contribution is valued highly.............they play a full and active part in the school life. Consquently they grow in confidence and behave especially well." The team commented on the caring ethos of the school "The extremely warm and caring relationships between adults and children, along with the bright and lively environment, both indoors and outside,fire the children's imagination and ensure that they quickly devlop a real thirst for learning."

There is a strong, rich tradition of music in the school and children of all ages enjoy developing their choral and orchestral skills.  Children's artistic abilities are encouraged and the very high standard of this work is on display for all to see.

Opportunities are provided for pupils to participate in extra curricular activities. Our "After School Care Club" provides an excellent standard of supervision and places are in great demand.

We operate an "open door" policy, and parents are always welcome to visit the school. The successful running of our school is very much dependent on a partnership and we regard parents as an integral part of this school.